Dice Making Services

I enjoy resin art and make custom dice, and now you can own dice hand-crafted by a cyborg! There are loads of different colour combinations you can choose from, sparkles and other additives, even items suspended in the resin.

For extra special dice projects, I can even have your custom dice 3D modelled and printed before making special moulds to cast your perfect set!

For an example of a custom project, check out this vlog from when I worked with the one and only TomSka on his Depression board game!

I like the development process to be a conversation, with various pencil drafts before ink touches paper, to make sure I match your vision perfectly.

My wheelhouse media are fine black ink and pencil on high GSM paper, but if you have a special request just let me know.

Pricing varies depending on how long the project will take to complete – contact me for a quote at theironspine.yt@gmail.com.

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